Combine fire in Cape Girardeau County

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - No cause yet for a combine fire Monday afternoon.

Fruitland firefighters fought flames in a soybean field just off Cape Girardeau County Road 439.

Fruitland Assistant Fire Chief Ralph Birk says no one was injured.

He says the driver of the combine told him he saw flames on the left side of the equipment first, and then realized it got too big to put out with an extinguisher.

Birk says sometimes a problem with these types of fires is access for the firefighters.

"Like for today this combine fire is way off the county road you know harder to get to, this particular one wasn't real hard, but we had to drive the trucks through the fields to get to it," said Birk.

Birk says they tend to see combine fires in the area about once a year.

To help prevent them, he says it's important to keep combines clear of dust because it can easily burn, and to keep an extinguisher on farm equipment.

"If it's a real small fire you can put it out with that, a lot of the combines have dust on them and then dust can burn," said Birk. "It's a good idea to keep it cleaned off, but its easier said than done."

This week is National Fire Prevention Safety Week. Departments will visit schools to teach fire prevention education, and Birk says some departments allow the public into fire houses this week to tour. Contact your fire department to see if they're participating.

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