Afternoon update: Sikeston movie theater shuts down

Good afternoon and a happy Columbus Day to you.  It was actually October 12, 1492 that Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World.

Alright, enough history.  Here's what is happening in the Heartland today.

Two people face charges in an alleged scheme to take money from a convention center in Paducah.  The executive director of the convention center is accused of stealing more than $200,000 from the city. 

Pemiscot County deputies arrested a Hayti area man accused of stabbing another man in the neck last night.

Police offered few details about an investigation into the disappearance of a 10-month-old baby from her Kansas City home, as the hunt for Lisa Irwin entered its seventh day.

Experts say the economic downturn has led to more domestic abuse in homes.  Julia Bruck takes a look at the reality of the situation.
If you want to see a movie in Sikeston, you're out of luck.  The city ordered the last remaining movie theater to shut down.  Holly Brantley has been following the story and tells us why on Heartland News at 5.
With levee work underway in the Birds Point spillway, will it be enough to withstand Mother Nature this Spring?  Holly answers that question on Heartland News at 6.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blasted the Birds Point-New Madrid floodway levee to relieve pressure on a swollen Mississippi River in May.   

Remember Joe the Plumber? The man who made headlines during the 2008 presidential campaign is now preparing to run for Congress in Ohio.

Bob Reeves tells us when we might be able to expect some rain