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Madigan looks to make meth fighting system permanent


It started as just a trial, a system used by pharmacies to track the sale of Psudoephedrine, a key ingredient in meth. But Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and other lawmakers now want to make it permanent. It's a move that some area pharmacists and customers support.  

Josh Swain waits to pick up some cold medicine for his wife at Family Drug. Before Pharmacy Tech Shrayah Skaggs can sell it to Swain, she enters his information into a statewide database.

"You have to type in the drug that they are getting, how many boxes they are getting," Skaggs explained.  

Since June 2010 pharmacists across the state have help fight the war on meth by tracking who's buying Psudoephedrine.

Family Drug Owner and Pharmacist Fed Calcaterra says, the extra work is worth the effort.

"We try to monitor it as best we can to make sure they are not buying it at other stores," Calcaterra said.  "But it's (the system) worked out really well and I believe it's really cut down on the abuse of Psudoephedrine and buying it for illegal reasons."

To date, pharmacies used the system to block the sale of more than 70,000 boxes of Psudoephedrine based cold medication. It's a tracking system that Madigan and other state law makers want to make permanent once the fall session gets underway in Springfield. A move Calcaterra supports.

"I know all the pharmacists in the area happy about the program and want it to continue because Psudoephedrine is widely abused," Calcaterra said.

It's an abuse that for Swain means a little longer wait to get his wife's cold medicine. Something Swain says he doesn't mind if it helps fight meth problem in southern Illinois.

"I think it's something we need to do to deal with the drug issue in our community," Swain said.   

Madigan also launched a campaign to educate the public. It's a message to pill shoppers that every time they buy pills for a meth cook, a crime is committed.

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