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Tae Kwan Do can help people with disabilities


It's Disabilities Awareness Week in Jackson, and one local martial arts instructor is offering a lesson to kids that they can really get a kick out of.

Alan Williams, a Tae Kwan Do instructor at Outerlimits, teaches classes one night a week at the SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence location in Cape Girardeau.

He says classes can help people with physical things like stability, mobility, and strength, and does just as much for self esteem and confidence.

Williams says he enjoys the opportunity to share his skill with these students.

"I don't care how bad of a day I have, these guys pick me up, these guys make my day, and if I can get out of bed that day and I come here and teach these guys and they come in here with a walker and they do this class, I just back up and say good grief what do I have compared to where they are," said Williams.

He also says its important they are able to get these life long skills, whether its through Tae Kwan Do, or another self-esteem boosting activity.

"They're just individuals, they might have some sort of impairment, but it's not a limitation which is kind of unique in itself, our school's motto is there's limitations, only modifications," said Williams.

Williams will visit schools in Jackson this week to teach the students about Disability Awareness Week, and how Tae Kwan Do can help.

If you want more information on the classes, call Williams at 573-579-5036.

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