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March against Sexual Violence in Carbondale


    A walk of a different sort made it's way through downtown Carbondale on Saturday afternoon.

     The event is called a "Slut Walk"

     The walks began earlier this year after a Toronto police officer told women to stop dressing like sluts if they didn't want to be raped.

     Stirred by  that comment, marchers have carried a unified message around the world -- that the way someone dresses does not mean others have the right to assault them.

     Wendy Bressner, a Slut Walk coordinator said, "We're protesting the idea that women need to do something in order to not get raped. We have so much invested that women are responsible for preventing rape by covering up, or not being alone, or not being in dangerous places."

      The event wasn't only open to women.

     Quite a few men also showed their support for sexual assault victims by participating in the walk.

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