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A special cause for a special boy

Jeston Dewrock collects cards with his siblings. Jeston Dewrock collects cards with his siblings.
Jeston underwent surgery five weeks ago to remove part of a tumor. Jeston underwent surgery five weeks ago to remove part of a tumor.

Jeston Dewrock is normal kid. A sports fan, football and baseball card collector, soap box derby enthusiast, and a member of a big family with a mom, dad, step parents, 4 sisters and one brother.

"We'll he is a very outgoing 10 year old, says his mom, Debbie Palmer. "He loves to play every sport."

"Football is my favorite," Jeston adds.

However, this summer Jeston's dad, Danny Dewrock, says everything changed for this family.

"It's turned it into chaos," Dewrock said.

In August, Palmer says Jeston started having headaches.

"It went really fast," she said. "We didn't know anything was wrong and within two weeks we were having surgery."

Jeston soon learned he had a brain tumor on his cerebellum. He underwent surgery at St. Louis Children's hospital to remove part of the tumor and got a list of causes from the doctor.

Everything from a rare disease to Lymphoma.

All scary for Jeston and his family.

"Trying to explain to him what's going to happen next before it happens, so he can deal with it a little easier," Danny Dewrock said.

Scariest of all, even though it's shrinking, doctors still aren't sure what caused the tumor or the headaches.

"We're kind of on the wait and see what's going to happen next and see if it's going to continue to go down or show itself to what really caused this," Palmer said.

Right now, doctors cannot remove the entire tumor because of it's positioning on the brain.

However, even though surgery has sidelined him from his favorite sport, the brave boy still has a big crowd cheering him on.

"You would never have know he had brain surgery five weeks ago," said Palmer. "He just wants to be a normal 10 year old boy and do all the fun things other boys get to do."

Jeston goes back to the doctor in December to find out what's next and hopefully get more answers for his family.

This weekend his family is holding the Jeston Dewrock Benefit:

Deerfield Lodge in Cape Girardeau
Doors open at 5 p.m., dinner served at 6 p.m.
Dinner, silent auction, live entertainment
Tickets are $10 at the door

You can also donate money to help:

Jeston Dewrock Fund
Any Montgomery Bank location
All money raised will help cover medical expenses.

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