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Cries get louder for information about chief's gun

Carbondale City Councilman Chris Wissmann Carbondale City Councilman Chris Wissmann

The cries are growing louder that leaders in Carbondale need to come clean about when the chief's personal weapon was stolen and why it wasn't reported sooner. One city council member tells Heartland News, he's furious about the whole deal.

"I simply can't express how mad this makes me," Carbondale City Councilman Chris Wissmann said.

Wissman says that emotion comes from how city leaders continue to handle the fallout from Police Chief Jody O'Guinn's stolen handgun. 

"I've never seen a freedom of information act request blown by the city," Wissmann said.  "I don't know of an instance when that's happened."

Wissmann's talking about the FOIA requests Heartland News made for documents relating to the incident. Under state law, the city had 5 business days to comply. But when we didn't receive those documents, we took the questions to City Manager Allen Gill.

"FOIA have either been full filled or extensions requested as allowed," Gill said.

But a short time later the city clerk sent us an email Wednesday afternoon. It stated the city would be asking for a 5 day extension, which comes 2 days late for our first FOIA request.

Gill said, the reason of the slowdown of FOIA's is, "Partly because we have been flood by them, they take time."

But Wissman says he's can't believe this is happening.

"In a high profile case like this there is no excuse for it," Wissmann said.  

He adds the best way to stop rumors about the gun from spreading is for the city to release all the facts possible.

"We've done enough wrong here, we've made this story worse, we've made it grow, we've caused it to hurt good people," Wissmann said.

Heartland News asked the Illinois Attorney General's Office to review both FOIA requests.

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