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Warnings about new synthetic drug packaging


Drug dealers and drug makers are finding new ways to market their products. It's a warning from police about the latest versions of synthetic drugs.

The products have gone from "bath salts" to now "plant food" and "jewelry cleaner".

Manufactures are testing out new packaging on the drugs, many of which mimic the affects of a cocaine or meth high.

Dealers are apparently looking for ways to hide from the law. One of the latest versions is something called "cosmic blast". The so-called jewelry cleaner says it's not for human consumption. The instructions say to mix with water, add jewelry and shake for 20 seconds. Police say, the mixture contains a stimulant and hallucinogen and another potentially deadly substance which can elevate body temperature and cause psychotic behavior.

Kevin Glaser with the SEMO Drug Task Force says the products are often marketed toward the younger crowd.

"Parents should keep an eye out for what their kids are involved with," said Glaser. "Be aware of this paraphernalia and items that look like that. There have been a number of situations where a person has tried it one time with fatal results. There may not be a second chance to do the right thing."

On August 28, 2011 it became illegal in the state of Missouri to sell or possess synthetic drugs.

Kevin Glaser says so far, to his knowledge,  local establishments are keeping the products off store shelves.

"I suspect they've gone underground," said Glaser. "People are likely selling them out of their homes and on the streets."

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