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Two Caruthersville police officers injured in line of duty

Clinton Ray Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office) Clinton Ray Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office)
Doyle Thomas Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office) Doyle Thomas Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office)
Jimmy Joe Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office) Jimmy Joe Bridges (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Office)

Police in Caruthersville are once again dealing with officers injured in the line of duty.

According to police, Sunday night two officers were injured while trying to make an arrest. The incident happened at a home at 705 West 10th Street.

Police say they received a 911 call from a child at the home saying there were some adults fighting in the home around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. During the 911 call, police say someone hung up the phone.

When police arrived at the home, one man, Bo Bridges, told them his father, Doyle Wayne Thomas Bridges, from Desoto, Ill. was drunk and had been inside destroying furniture. But by the time officers arrived, he had ran out the back door and hid.

Caruthersville officer Richard Altice remained outside the home talking to Jimmy Bridges, of Caruthersville and Bo's brother.

At the same time, police say Caruthersville officer Andy Thrasher went inside the home to gather information. Police say Officer Thrasher asked for help with Clinton Bridges, of Desoto, IL when Clinton became uncooperative.

Police say Clinton was also drunk and when officer Thrasher asked Clinton to place his hands behind his back he would not comply. It was then when police say his brother Doyle came back into the home, grabbed a piece of wood, possibly from a kitchen chair, and hit Officer Thrasher in the back of his head.

According to police, Doyle then began hitting Officer Thrasher in the face and around his head with his fist. Officer Altice then came inside to assist the other officer.

Police say Officer Altice shot Doyle with his taser, but it had no effect. Police say Doyle then also attacked Officer Altice, hitting him in the head with some type of object.

Soon, more Caruthersville officers and Pemiscot County deputies arrived on the scene and brought it under control.

Police arrested Doyle Bridges, Clinton Bridges and Jimmy Bridges. But even then, police say Doyle was still fighting and kicked the windshield of a patrol car.

All three suspects were locked up in the county jail.

"It scared me," said a neighbor who witnessed the incident."

The neighbor did not want to be named. She said she could tell the men were drunk and potentially violent.

"The police officers needed back up," said the witness. "It may have been too much for the two of them."

The two officers were taken to the local hospital to be treated for their multiple facial and head injuries. Police are not releasing the condition of the officers at this time.

At the time of arrest, police said Jimmy Joe Bridges would face one count of willfully opposing a police officer.

Doyle and Clinton Bridges face multiple charges including first-degree assault of a law enforcement officer.

This is the second time in that Officer Altice has been injured in the line of duty. He was injured in August when he was involved in a crash following a high speed chase. This was also the crash that killed fellow Officer Evan Burns.

"It's just out of control," said Donna Tomlin. "The police do the best they can, but as soon as they arrest one there's ten more to take their place. It's really sad and so terrible what happened to Officer Burns."

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