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Dexter officer talks about alleged assault

Kevin Moore (Source: Noreen Hyslop - Dexter Daily Statesman) Kevin Moore (Source: Noreen Hyslop - Dexter Daily Statesman)
Terry Mace (Source: SCSO) Terry Mace (Source: SCSO)
Austin Mace (Source: Dexter PD) Austin Mace (Source: Dexter PD)

For the first time, a police officer injured while trying to break up a fight in Dexter,  speaks out.

Investigators say a father and his two sons were fighting in a McDonald's parking lot when Dexter Police Officer Kevin Moore tried to break them up.

According to police, during the fight, Officer Moore tazed Terry Mace who now faces assault charges.

His son, Austin Mace is charged with first degree assault on a police officer.

He allegedly hit Officer Moore after Moore tazed his father.

They say it's just a part of being a police officer. Injuries on the job. And Dexter police officer Kevin Moore says despite his recent injuries, he can't imagine doing anything else.

"This is what I want to do, and this is what I'll continue to do," Moore said. " I enjoy the job. I enjoy the interaction with the people, the good and the bad."

After suffering injuries from trying to break up a fight, Moore has been healing slowly for just over a week.

"Actually it's been a lot better and easier than I would've ever expected it to be," Moore said.

Moore says especially after the injuries he suffered.

"Someone came from behind me and hit me on the left side of my face and my memory is real fuzzy after that," said Moore.

He was out before he even hit the pillar then he fell to the ground.

"I remember a female voice somewhere behind me I assume cause I couldn't see her," said Moore. " She kept asking me questions trying to arouse me as far as waking up, getting my name, pertinent information, just trying to keep me awake and alert until the ambulance could arrive"

The girl was 18-year-old Tasha Rodgers, a senior in high school.

"I kept asking him his name, and he was like my name is Officer Moore," says Rodgers. " And I was like okay so you're name is Officer Moore, and he was like no I don't know what day it is. And I was like okay what's your badge number, and he couldn't hardly tell me that."

"I would like to thank her, there's not a lot of kids her age that would be willing to stick around and help," Moore said.

"I just thank my parents for teaching me to help people if they're hurting don't stand back. I definitely didn't stand back. I just felt like he needed somebody to help him and I just wasn't going to let him lay there by himself," Rodgers said.

Moore says luckily thanks to Rodgers, he should be able to return to work soon.

"I'm ready to get back to work and get the uniform on," Moore said.

Officer Moore is scheduled to have surgery Friday in Saint Louis to replace part of his sinus cavity bone with a titanium plate.

He says he should be able to return to light work in just two weeks, and back to full duty in about six weeks.

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