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Take road rage off streets, onto the information superhighway


It's a new way to get out your frustration, but leave your emotions out of your driving.

Many people fall victim to road rage, and now one website plans to help in getting keeping your frustrations off the road, and putting them on the Internet.

It's a new website called Driver-Ratings.com. Just like you would write a review for a restaurant or hotel, you can write one for your fellow driver.

"You've got to look before you go anywhere," said Driver Wayne Pressley.

Drivers like Pressley say they see some driving tactics they'd like to come to a stop.

"I would just be glad to volunteer to give tickets to people that run red lights because you see that all the time," said Pressley.

When intersections like 34 and 74 in Cape Girardeau see an average of 17,600 cars a day, or William and Kingshighway that gets more than 21,000, it's a lot of chances for bad driving, and a green light for emotions.

"It's pretty evident and pretty vocal at times," said Pressley talking about road rage he's seen. "And they also have lots of, they'll wave at you, but not with all their fingers."

Instead of taking out that rage on other drivers on the road, Driver-Ratings.com creator Taylor Peck hopes people will post them on the Internet.

"Let's stop having violent out bursts when it comes to road rage and just go home and log on to the website and leave a review," said Peck.

You can enter a license plate by state and rate the drivers as good or bad. People post pictures and stories.

"Basically it's a non-violent outlet for people to log on and post reviews of other drivers," said Peck.

But Pressley wonders how it can be regulated.

"Just because I don't like Wayne, here's his license plate, turn him in for something," said Pressley.

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