Two more towns meet with Postal Service

LOWNDES, MO (KFVS) - Two more Heartland towns held meetings with Postal Service officials.

The Postal Service Representatives want to stress these meetings don't mean the locations are necessarily closing, it just means they are part of a survey to potentially close. They want to get more community feedback before any decision is made.

Monday evening community members gathered in Lowndes and Gipsy to hear why their post offices were chosen as part of the potential closure list.

Terri Ryan, a spokeswoman for the Postal Service says these two were both part of a group that provides less than $27,500 in revenue, and has less than a two hour work load each day.

People in the area have mixed emotions.

"Closing some of the rural post offices are really not an option," said Denzil Denyce Stirling. "They've got to think about the people that live here."

"I would miss it, but I don't use it that often," said Jay Jackson. "I'm on a route where the mail carrier comes by."

"A bunch of us are senior citizens and it's going to be difficult for us to lose this post office," said Bill Schanks.

"I would a whole lot rather see the Saturdays cut out as far as mail delivery goes than I would to see us lose our post office," said Gary McIntosh.

While Postal Service Representatives suggest using online stamps or postage and shipping, people at the meeting said most citizens in the area don't have Internet.

Ryan says if either of these offices are chosen for closure, form the time the proposal is posted, the least amount of time it would take to close would be 120 days.

After this study phase a proposal would be posted for 60 days, then headquarters would review any comments and feedback. Then a final decision would be posted at the Post Office for 30 days before it would close.

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