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Woman says synthetic marijuana played role in boyfriend's death

K-2 is synthetic marijuana K-2 is synthetic marijuana

An 18-year-old man took his own life after smoking a synthetic marijuana product.

Courtney Marshall met Joey Dalton when they were students at Marion High School.

They were together nearly two years when they welcomed little Aiden into their lives this past December.

But, Courtney says her boyfriend had a drug problem and she confronted him about it.

"And he understood that he needed to quit for Aiden," said Courtney Marshall.  "And he thought this stuff since it wasn't real pot it was different, that he could get away with doing that."

Marshall says the stuff Joey was smoking was K-2 Cloud a synthetic form of marijuana. She says he had been smoking it nearly a month before she started to notice a change in Joey.

"All of a sudden it all stopped, he wouldn't pick up his friends phone calls. He was still playing with Aiden nothing changed with Aiden. But his personality towards other people changed. And he was more distant and he wasn't very open with me anymore," said Marshall.

Even thought the Illinois governor made the fake drug illegal at the beginning of 2010.

Courtney says her boyfriend didn't have any trouble finding the illegal fake drug in the Marion area.

"It was easy for him to get the synthetic marijuana because you can get it at gas stations. It was easy for him we lived right by one that sold it to him."

But, even the fake drug became more than Dalton could handle.

"He thought since it was being sold in a legal way that it couldn't hurt him. And then he ended up doing too much of on the night of August 8th. He called me that night at midnight asking me when I was going to be home because I was at working. Then he did it at 12:40 a.m., he went in the basement and shot himself."

Joey Dalton had just turned 18 years of age in April of this year.

On August 9 he joined the numbers of other young people in America who have taken their own lives after smoking a synthetic marijuana product.

On Sunday evening Courtney Marshall, her family and friends along with Joey Dalton's gathered at Ray Fosse Park in Marion, in his honor to bring awareness to the dangers of using synthetic drugs

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