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Mold found in a county justice center


It seems like it could just be seasonal allergies, but some workers in the Stoddard County Justice Center found out their symptoms weren't from anything outdoors.

"It's not a bad problem, it's not a good problem, it's going to cost the county quite a bit of money," said Stoddard County Commissioner Greg Mathis.

But some say it's money well spent to prevent health problems.

"We had a worker from The Children's Division that had some unexplained allergy reactions," said Juvenile Officer Michael Davis. "And come to find out she was sitting in court one morning, and the chair that she was sitting in, had mold growing on the arm rest...she had to go take some allergy medicine she began to swell up, and her eyes began to swell up and she has a severe allergic reaction to mold."

Mathis said after the mold discovery, the county hired an independent contractor.

"He's looking at the heating and air conditioning from top to bottom to find out what the problem is," said Mathis.

To fix the problem, they're tearing out ceiling tiles, cleaning benches and chairs, and getting new duct work, even though the building is only 10 years old.

"That's where the problem is really at is within the insulation of the duct work we have," said Mathis.

He says throughout the whole process they're keeping the employees in the building informed.

"After we've had all the testing done, they've all been given copies of all the reports found if they so desired," saidMathis.

In order to clean and renovate, three circuit court divisions, the juvenile center, and a courtroom are all moving downstairs to an old alternative school.

"It's not going to be a total shut down or closing system, it's still going to be functional up and running it's just going to be running in a different way till we get everything back to normal," said Mathis.

"It is cramped, but I think we'll make do," said Davis.

"We just want to have a safe working environment for the people that work here, as well as the citizens of the county that come and have to do business here," said Mathis.

Mathis expects the entire project to take about 3 to 4 weeks.

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