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Juvenile assaulted on Cape Girardeau street


Cape Girardeau police are investigating an assault on a juvenile that happened on the evening of Sept. 9.

Patrolman Darin Hickey says that evening around 6:30 p.m., a juvenile and his friend were walking down Sheridan Street when a 4-door dark colored car with 2 men in it pulled up next to them.

The officer says the two had a short conversation with those in the car.

After that, the passenger got out  of the car and tried to grab a video game from the juvenile. The kid then grabbed it back and then the suspect punched the kid with a closed fist, Hickey said.

The officer says the passenger then got back in the car and the vehicle fled from the area.

"Why is he doing this to me, what did I do to him first and what made him do it," said Kaden Strayhorn. That's what Strayhorn says was going through his mind as the suspect hit him.

"I looked at his face and it was white, and there was blood everywhere, and I couldn't see his left eye." said Strayhorn's mother Erin Newsom.

Newsom, and Strayhorn's grandmother, Pam Burton say they can't believe this happened right in front of their home in broad daylight.

"It made me sick," said Newsom. "I felt like I was safe out here, and now I realize you're not safe anywhere."

"He was walking to school and walking home, but now none of us are comfortable with that," said Burton.

"How do you protect your kid? How are you supposed to protect your kid?" asked Newsom.

"Sometimes, even in the daytime I feel like somebody's going to run up and hit me," said Strayhorn.

Strayhorn says he wants to send a message to other kids.

"Don't walk outside with expensive things in your hand to where other people can see it," said Strayhorn. "If you want to take it anywhere put it in your pocket or a bag so they don't know what it is."

"If this would happen to another child, if someone is trying to steal something you have, let go of it," said Burton. "Don't fight for that piece of material. Let go, them have it and then run."

This time it was the suspects that ran, and Newsom wants to make sure they're caught.

"I'm not going to feel better, I can't sleep at night," said Newsom. "I'm not going to feel better until something's done about it."

Hickey says the suspect is described as a younger black male, average build.

He says they have a couple leads and the department is still investigating the incident.

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