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Campus Habitat a no-show at meeting


A hearing to determine how to proceed with Campus Habitat takes a different turn when no one from the company shows up at the meeting.

The Carbondale Building Board of Appeals gave the company until Monday September 12th to file an action plan with city leaders on how they plan to fix all the problems at their apartment complex at 820 West Freeman Street.

But, at the start of the hearing there was nobody from Campus Habitat present and no action plan filed with city leaders.

"The big issue was to submit an action plan on how they're going to repair these issues, and it didn't happen," said Carlton Smith, chairman of Carbondale's Building Board of Appeals.

"It was very disappointing that none of the agents from the company showed up today. And it's also very disappointing there are some lingering violations in one of the buildings."

Violations that city inspectors will now go over with a fine-tooth comb in order to try and bring Campus Habitat's buildings into compliance.

"We need to do whatever is necessary to make sure these properties stay in compliance and get into compliance," said Jamie Snyder assistant attorney for the City of Carbondale.

"And if they continue to be in this position of not being in compliance we will seek fines as necessary and as appropriate in each and every circumstance. It's my position when it's housing issues to go after that daily fine when it's willful and wanton non-compliance."

But, some new problems are beginning to appear with Campus Habitat, that some renters brought to the attention of city leaders during the meeting, regarding getting released from their rental agreements.

"According to Campus Habitat I need to find another guy who can live where  I live instead of myself," said Divyesh Shelar.

"And I must pay $350 that's what I was told when I told them I wanted to live somewhere else. And I just feel like it's ethically wrong to have someone else live where I don't want to live because it's not a good place to live."

City leaders say they can't help students out with their legal woes in dealing with Campus Habitat, but they are going to be back out at the company's 820 West Freeman location to inspect it for compliance violations.

The maximum amount of fines that can be levied against the company is up to $750's daily for each violation issued by the city.

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