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Police chief: natural gas leak caused Murphysboro explosion

(Source: Robert Cox) (Source: Robert Cox)
(Source: Robert Cox) (Source: Robert Cox)
(Source: Faith Wright) (Source: Faith Wright)
(Source: Robert Cox) (Source: Robert Cox)
(Source: Robert Cox) (Source: Robert Cox)

A natural gas leak caused a Saturday explosion at a house at 436 South 15th Street in Murphysboro, said police chief Jeff Bock. 

Investigators came to the conclusion Monday.  Now they're now trying to determine exactly where the gas came from and how it built up to the point that it caused the explosion, Bock said. 

Several callers reported the explosion on the southwest portion of town around 5:55 p.m. Saturday, according to a news release from the Murphysboro Police Department.  The explosion destroyed the home, along with two adjoining houses.

Other homes as far as two blocks away reported broken windows and cracked walls.

"We lost our front windows, our side windows," said Carrie Bastien, who lives nearby.  "The side of the house (came) up off the ground." 

Faith Wright said her family was across from Regions Bank and felt the vibrations from the explosion throughout their apartment.  She then witnessed pieces of the home flying into the air.

Only two minor injuries were reported due to items striking people in adjoining homes.

Police said the house that exploded had been vacant for several weeks.  One of the homes destroyed in the blast was unoccupied at the time due to a fire the previous evening.

Murphysboro Fire was assisted by several departments, including Carterville, Carbondale Township, Herrin, DeSoto and Ava.  Murphysboro Police were assisted by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, Grand Tower, Ava and DeSoto. 

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