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Cemetery vandal caught on tape


A vandal was caught on camera destroying a grave site in Johnston City Friday night.

The hidden surveillance was all set up by a Johnston City family who hoped to catch the vandal in the act.

The Spiller family says they got a call around six last night about vandalism at the family's grave site at Lakeview Cemetery in Johnston City.

When they arrived they found numerous things broken and smashed against the gravestone.

Flowers were also removed and stomped into the ground.

They family says the amazing thing is cameras caught the whole thing.

" I was hoping that after I pressed charges the last time on her, we went to court seven times, and I was hoping that after she was charged, convicted and plead guilty that we we're done," said Linda Adkins.

"That was just on August 1st of this year. I never dreamed we'd be back here six weeks later and I'd be back here going through the same thing pressing charges on here and having to go through the court system again."

"This time when the cop was here last night, and he was taking pictures I told him I had a video of Betty pulling up in her Camaro. It shot her license plate it got her getting out of the car and going to the grave and defacing it and doing all the damage she done," said Adkins.

Investigators tell Heartland News that police arrested Betty Nelson-Davis of Johnston City and charged her with vandalism on Friday night.

"It makes you angry and hurt, you don't understand why she does this," said Anthony Spiller.

"I know she has it out for us since we had her convicted from the last time. But it's still my grandmother's grave and she didn't do anything to this lady. I don't think my grandmother deserves that."

She'll appear before a judge on Monday.

Nelson-Davis is also the same person who was convicted of stealing flowers from the graveyard last month.

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