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Campus Habitat complies with Carbondale codes

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A Carbondale company is making headway in its efforts to comply with city building codes.

It was just last month that Carbondale's Building Board of Appeals granted Campus Habitat an extension on bringing several of their apartment buildings into compliance.

The board gave the company until September 5, at its 600 West Freeman location, to replace more than fifteen doors and repair numerous holes in walls that were made to access water and electrical lines.

"The inspectors were in on Wednesday morning to inspect all the doors," said Rob Martin Executive Vice President of Operations for Campus Habitat.

"We actually replaced 21 doors in total, four more than the citation had called for us to do."

"They have made those corrections, however there are still outstanding violations that we're working with, with Campus Habitat on the building," said Carbondale's Development Services Director Kevin Baity.

"So the building is not a hundred percent clear, it's just that they can now occupy those units because the health-life safety issues have been cleared up."

But, the company still has a lot of work to do at it's building located at 820 West Freeman Street. Martin says they are working on replacing more than 90 doors and other problems in the building.

"We've replaced 35 of those doors already. We've also installed a new fire alarm system, and a carbon monoxide system throughout the building," said Martin.

Now city leaders say they are hopeful the company will continue to work on the problems in their buildings.

"What they have done so far is to comply with the Building Board of Appeals ruling. Unfortunately we still have other issues with the company. And it's unfortunate that it took this type of a magnitude of enforcement by the city to get their attention, to make the repairs," said Baity.

Martin says the repairs to his company's apartment complexes on South Graham and South Wall are almost complete.

"The contractors had told us things would be ready by the first of October. But now they have asked us to give them a little more time to do some more testing. And that was done this past week and things went well with the tests. So now it looks like October 15th at the latest will be the move-in date for students who have been displaced," said Martin.

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