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Should food stamps be allowed to buy Fast Food?


A company that owns a number of fast food restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky is lobbying to allow elderly, disabled and homeless food stamp recipients to pay for a hot meal. It's a topic that's prompted debate on the streets and online.

"Absolutely not, I also think food stamps should not be allowed to buy anything unhealthy," said Danielle Sollers.

"I think its fine," said Mike Hutchins of Arizona. "Food is food, whether it's fast food or from the grocery store."

"I know some people come out to certain gas stations and buy junk food with theirs and that's not really right," said Chandra McConnell.

Director Sharon Atchison of Marion's Lighthouse Homeless Shelter says while fast food may not be ideal nutritionally; it would at least fill hungry bellies.

"If you have no access to a kitchen, how are you going to prepare the food you buy at the grocery store?" Atchison said.

Currently in Illinois Link Card holders can't buy any sort of hot or prepared food. it's a stipulation that Atchison says also hurts the elderly and disabled who aren't physically able to cook for themselves.

Atchison says a little wiggle room in the law may help feed those who'd otherwise go hungry.

"Homeless people already have a barrier for shelter," Atchison said. "Are we going to leave another barrier in place so they cannot go to a fast food restaurant for a hamburger?"

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