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Mixed reaction to new no parking spots just off Southeast Missouri State's campus


The City of Cape Girardeau passed an ordinance designating certain areas just off Southeast Missouri State's campus as No Parking, or Limited Parking.

"Terrible, terrible, almost 3-4 times a week I'd have to call the police," said Homeowner Tim Ruddy.

Roads just off campus used to be crowded with student parking. But now, many streets are bare with signs saying "no parking" or giving certain hours people can't park.

"It's just simply marvelous," said Ruddy. "It frees our drive, we don't have to call the police anymore, and cars aren't parked in front of our house for days on end. It's just marvelous."

Homeowners like Ruddy say they're thrilled with the new no parking ordinance.

"It was all students, always students," said Ruddy. "And the unfortunate thing is most of them weren't commuter students. They were kids living in dormitories and for whatever reason wanted to park on the street and just leave their car for the week."

"A lot of times both sides of the streets would be lined with cars sometimes our driveways would be blocked and again it was just a safety hazard," said homeowner Brandi Ritter.

But not everyone is happy. Some homeowners say they're frustrated they can't park in front of their own homes, and they themselves have gotten tickets.

But still, most think this is better than the previous situation.

"We have ample space in our driveway as far as the other people are concerned, I think most people are working on this block," said Ruddy talking about the restricted times people can't park.

"I think everybody was kind of supportive of the issue we feel like SEMO has adequate parking and that the students have other places they can park," said Ritter.

While some students like Reece Mangels don't mind a short walk,

"I live at home, get here about 15 minutes early, go up to my class, I'm right there on time," said Mangels.

Other students complain there isn't adequate parking at a reasonable price.

"I'm going to have to get my truck and get my bike," said Southeast Missouri State Senior Student Chris McMillan. "Drive as close as I can and then ride my bike because it's not close enough for me to park and walk."

"When I get here most of the parking spaces have been, the few non pass parking spaces have already been filled," said Southeast Missouri State Student Christina Cody.

Students like Cody say they've moved to streets like New Madrid, or the nearby Capaha Park.

"Capaha Park has currently been the primary parking space I think," said Cody.

"I've been parking in Capaha mostly," said McMillan. "I have still park on New Madrid they haven't shut that down, but it's getting very crowded over there."

"It's been a very obvious up tick in the amount of students that are parking there versus on the street where they were prior to this," said Cody.

"I know this one since it's just at 3pm, thankfully I have a class at 3:30 so I can park here, but other than that, this road is just completely bare," said McMillan.

Both homeowners that like and don't like the new restrictions say they think the best system would be a permit for residents and their guests to only park.

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