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Movie theatre bans cell phone use


Coming to a theatre near tolerance cell phone policy.

Movie theatres like the Wehrenberg in Cape Girardeau are enforcing a no cell phone policy.

"I agree with the new policy, that they should not use cell phones in the movie house," said customer Jack Faries.

"I agree with the policy to turn off the cell phones," said customer Maxine Scott.

"I agree wholeheartedly," said customer Carolyn Mchaney.

"Overall we've gotten really good responses from it," said Cape Girardeau Wehrenberg Manager Kevin Dillon. "We actually had people clapping, some people were even standing up and giving standing ovations...our biggest complaint over the past several months is people would come to the movies, the cell phones would be going off or the blue screens would be lighting up the theatres."

The new policy asks customers to not use their phone to call, text, or even check the time because the light can disrupt other people in the audience. If people choose to not follow the policy, an usher will ask them to leave.

"Our staff here, the ushers go in a do theatre checks, periodically, and if we find someone using their cell phones, then we will be removing them from the theatre," said Dillon. "It's to ensure that all of our guests when they come to the movie, they can enjoy the movie without interruption."

"Well it's just disrupting to have them on and everybody talking on them," said Scott.

"They do interrupt, so I'm glad started that policy," said Faries.

"It's just common courtesy for the people around you," said Mchaney.

But Dillon says they do understand emergencies.

"They can put their phones on vibrate, but if they do vibrate, we do request that they take them out into the hallway to finish their conversation," said Dillon.

This way the noise sticks to the big screen, not your cell phone screen.

Another local theatre said they ask customers to not use their phones, but don't have an official policy.

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