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Mo. families react to new adoption laws


Missouri adoptees whose biological parents are deceased may now get their adoption file from the court where their adoption happened.

In the past, those records remained sealed even after their biological parents had passed away.

"This is going to help a lot of people," said Teresa Roberts of Scott County. Teresa discovered she was adopted at age 42. She feels Missouri needs to make a lot of changes to laws and access to records. She says the process to find her family was painstaking and difficult.

"I feel at age 18 or 21 you should be allowed to see your records," said Roberts. "I don't know who they think they are protecting. This is your life. They should allow you to have access to answers."

Michelle Jackson, parent of three year old adopted son, Aiden feels the law will help others like her son.

"We have a very open adoption," said Michelle. "He has a right to know where he came from and psychologically and emotionally this will be better for him."

Now, descendants of deceased adoptees may also request identifying information from court records. The new law also lets agencies release identifying information just as the courts do.

"These laws need to be stronger," said Michelle. "This guy is my life."

In the past, if biological parents objected to release of information all records were sealed. This is also true if the individual passed away before giving release. The new law also allows for information to be given on one parent even if the other objects.

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