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Alleged hit and run in Alexander County

Police in Alexander County are trying to figure out what happened during an alleged hit and run along Illinois Route 3 on Friday night.

It was shortly before 8:30 p.m. when Cassandra Hill says she saw her sister's boyfriend Jeremy Weber sitting at the intersection of McCain Road and Illinois Route 3.

Hill says as she was walking over to Weber's truck that he suddenly took off.

"My brother passed by and he turned around, when he pulled up there Jeremy just went to leave and accelerated," said Hill.

"He hit me and dragged me with the truck. Then he backed up and went towards me again. And that's when he ran over my feet."

Hill says she was thrown to the ground and people began stopping to help her.

"I can just remember people screaming to stop traffic and saying he's coming back like three or four times. He was spinning donuts and slung rocks all over the nurse and everyone that was trying to help me. I was on the ground and he was going to run me over again."

A family friend was also on the scene and he says he too saw Weber allegedly hit Hill with his vehicle.

"He hit her with the front of his truck and throwed her in the hood. And dragged her as she held onto the truck for her life." said Jonathon Whalen.

"He dragged her about thirty feet and then slung her into the middle of the highway."

But, the man behind the wheel of the truck Jeremy Weber tells a much different story about what happened on Friday night.

"A Mustang makes a u-turn and come in on the left front corner of my truck, then another can come in on the right front corner and blocks me in," said Weber.

"The first two people to get out of the car is 'Tootie' and Stephen Prater. She comes to the front of my vehicle and smacks the front of my truck as I am trying to get out of there. She was never ran over. It's a completely made up story."

Now the Alexander County Sheriff's Office and the Illinois State Police are investigating the incident.

No charges have been filed at this time in the case.



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