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Traffic outside Sikeston school causes concerns


Traffic troubles create quite the stir outside a Sikeston school. Parents, neighbors, and drivers want answers.

Most schools have traffic tie ups right around dismissal time, but outside Southeast Elementary in Sikeston it's chaos. There's a safety concern that most everyone in that area is talking about.

"It's crazy, but I worry about accidents happening," said Shelly Hensley.

Hensley is one of many parents sitting in a very long line of cars waiting to pick up their children from school. It's a line that has become a real sticking point in one Sikeston neighborhood.

"It's a hazard, someone's going to get hurt," said Delores Scott. 

The line down Ables Road a growing traffic concern.

"It's gotten to be a very dangerous site," said Roger Manwaring. 

Neighbor Delores Scott said, "You can't see what's coming to the east or the west, and you wonder if you'll get out safely."

Neighbor Roger Manwaring said, "People are taking their lives into their own hands, they cant see."

He says drivers can't see while trying to cross onto Ables Road from Glenn Drive. Sikeston R-6 Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller says the problem is worse this year.

"For whatever reason this year we have more car riders," said Borgsmiller. 

It's a high traffic area to begin with, and no stranger to accidents.

"We want the kids to get home safe, and want the motorist coming to be safe and lessen the chance for accidents," said Lt. Jim McMillen-Sikeston Department of Public Safety.

Officers just put up some barricades making it easier for drivers to see oncoming vehicles.

"I'm glad they are trying to come up with a remedy," said Manwaring. 

"It's a good temporary fix, and are still working on a permanent solution," said McMillen. 

The school district is too.

"There's an issue there, and we're trying to see what we can do," said Borgsmiller. 

He is hoping for a cost effective solution.

"I could solve the problem quickly if I had half a million dollars," said Borgsmiller. 

Either way, he would like to get the cars off the road and somehow on school property.

"It would be nice to see something done," said parent Shelly Hensley.

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