Sikeston shelter population nearly doubles following drug arrests

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - First, the Sikeston Department of Public Safety put their owners behind bars in a large-scale drug warrant round up.

Now, 32 dogs find themselves in a different kind of confinement at the Sikeston Area Humane Society shelter.

"Here's one of the drug bust dogs", says SAHS Director Trace White says, guiding a two year old blue pit bull out on a leash.

White says it's clear this pit has not been cared for properly.

"You know, you can see right on his back, he's got skin issues", White points out.

"Is there any concern at all about his nature? Is he aggressive at all?" I asked.

"No, he's actually very sweet", White responds.

White goes inside to show the rest of the round up dogs, most of them pits.

He says that doesn't surprise him, but despite the reputation often put on this breed, most of them scared of their new surroundings.

The round up dogs nearly doubled the population in this already crowded shelter.

A struggling economy had all but five of the cages here filled before these guys got here.

"We're doing anything we can to try to help and get these dogs a home ", shelter receptionist Chris Jackson said.

Now, White and his staff find themselves stretched even thinner, and working even harder to care for this new population, while working to find the rest good homes.

"This is Faith. She's a boxer mix", says Tracy, a shelter volunteer who shows a pup at the shelter before the round up dogs arrived.

To manage all these new dogs, White's reaching out to other shelters for help and additional resources. As for their future, White hopes for a better life than what some of them may be used to.

"Some dogs, honestly, I wouldn't like to see go back to their owners, just given the conditions we got them in, but like I said it really depends on what DPS and Animal Control advises us to do."

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