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People in Ripley County tired of dirty water


Water customers in parts of Ripley County are fed up.

"We started noticing it a couple months ago," said Tim Loyal.

It's no laughing matter to Tim and Jo-el Loyal who live off K Highway.

"All we've heard is deal with it," said Jo-el Loyal.

According to Ripley County Water District # 2, something deep down in a well caved in causing customer's water to turn murky even muddy.

"It's gotten full on nasty," said Tim Loyal.

While customers like the Loyal's say it's improved, they are far from satisfied.

"We want to do laundry and dishes, and know everything's getting clean," said Jo-el Loyal.

Water District Board President Gary Emmons tells Heartland News that board members have tried everything they can to fix the ongoing problem. He says what they really need is a new well, something that will cost anywhere from $700,000 to $1 million. It's money Emmons says the district doesn't have.

The problem affects about 500 customers, mainly those living near Highway 21.

Tim Loyal continues to use filters, but is about to give up on them.

"They do a little, but not much."

The only thing he knows for sure is that he's not drinking it.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is working with the water district to address the concerns.

According to Renee Bungart, spokesperson for the DNR, crews are continuing to test several water samples.

"We collected three additional bacterial samples most recently on Monday, and all samples came back free from biological contaminates that might cause health concerns," said Bungart. 

Bungart says the department will continue to take samples as long as necessary. 

"The district has tried to determine the cause of the discoloration, and is taking steps to try to mitigate the affects of the mud in the well," said Bungart. "This includes running the well manually and discharging the water from the well to the ground until it runs clear."

Bungart says the DNR has recommended to the district that they begin the process of sinking another well and cease using the current one.

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