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Vandals hit Madison County


Vandals hit mailboxes, car tail lights, and yard ornaments damaging them throughout Fredericktown and Madison County.

Fredericktown Police Captain Eric Hovis says one victim described the car as dark blue with a loud muffler, but other than that, not much to go on. So police encourage you to contact them with any information.

"We'd like to stress to the citizens to immediately call 9-1-1 if you see or hear anything suspicious," said Hovis.

Hovis says 9 people reported vandalism in the city, and 36 people to the county.

Betty Bastie lives on a Madison County road and says she thought she heard gun shots and a car drive away, but when she went outside, she saw something had destroyed her mailbox.

"I just feel violated, like our kids aren't taking care of properly to know that they're going to be that age someday and they're not going to like it when somebody comes and does the same thing to them," said Bastie. "So instead of paying city tickets and that kind of stuff they need to have to pay for the mailbox, put them up, and that type of thing."

She said it was very frustrating to clean up someone else's wrongdoing.

"Pretty big mess, and I had to go put it up myself too," said Bastie. "So anyway, besides the expense of it, and it was hot yesterday and trying to work in the heat, put the screws back in and all that stuff it wasn't a lot of fun."

One woman says this wasn't the first time her mailbox was hit. She says she thinks it kids that are bored, but she says it's still frustrating and costly for her to fix.

Hovis did say the Fredericktown Police and Madison County Sheriff's Department have stepped up patrol to keep property safe, and catch the vandals.

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