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Mine competition held in Marion


Some mine rescue teams from around the area were above ground in Marion for a competition that is serious and fun at the same time.

Twenty teams from across the US were at the Pavilion in Marion for the competition. Teams compete against each other in a simulated mine rescue. They are scored on time and technique and can be penalized for the wrong move.

One team captain told us that while it is a good time, it's also important training.

"It puts each team thinking the same way," said Tony Wilson of the Peabody, Indiana team. "Cause, we are training basically the same way. To explore safety, not to endanger ourselves while exploring. To find survivors, to ventilate the area of the mine where we are going to bring survivors out, so we don't put survivors in danger."

Teams are sequestered until the competition to ensure a level playing field. Besides the competition, technical sessions and presentations about the mining industry were taking place inside the Pavilion.

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