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ISP warns drunk drivers, you will be arrested


The number of drinks it takes for you to be legal drunk may be a surprise. That was the case for one college student, as Illinois State Troopers looked on. 

23-year-old Patrick Trowbridge had several drinks over a course of three hours Friday morning. He then tried to take a field sobriety test with an ISP Trooper. Trowbridge says is he's been drinking since he was 17 and knows he way around a bar. But Trowbridge said to his surprise, he failed.

"Put in this kind of situation, where I'm obviously intoxicated, like I've said and could defiantly get a DUI its eye opening and at the same time kind of weird for me," Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge took part in a demonstration, put on by ISP, to show how quickly alcohol can effect a person's driving.

ISP Trooper David Sneed says the number of alcohol rated traffic deaths in the region is up this year.

The demonstration is part of IDOT's Labor Day "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.

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