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New bus stops anger some parents in Union County


 State budget cuts in Illinois are forcing some school leaders to make some tough decisions.

And in the Anna-Jonesboro School Districts some of those changes aren't sitting well with some parents.

The four districts, Anna District #37, Jonesboro Elementary, Anna High School and Lick Creek are losing hundred of thousands of dollars in state reimbursement funds.

"Like in the lunch programs, special ed services and transportation the state has cut those funds 41%," said Superintendent Kevin Spade at Anna District #37.

"So it put us in a bind trying to figure out how we're going to pay for some of those services."

One of the ways the four district leaders decided to cut on costs was to consolidate bus routes and bus stops.

"By law we're able to create bus stops, and people within a mile and a half would bring their children to those points, to be bused to school."

But, some of the parents whose kids must catch the bus at the intersection of Old Mt. Pleasant Road and State Route 146 aren't very happy about their new bus stop.

"We think this bus stop is very dangerous for our kids," said Matt Ames.

"As anyone can see it's a blind hill both ways. And nobody can stop for the bus, people run by the bus all the time."

Our cameras caught a gas truck run right past the flashing lights and stop stick on the bus on Wednesday afternoon.

And now the school leaders say pressure from parents is forcing them to rethink the new bus stops.

"One of the districts has kind of felt like they needed to serve their people more then to create these bus stops. So now it was either an all or nothing, and one of them has backed out. So none of the districts are going to it probably," said Superintendent Spain.

"I don't see us making large changes, not the drastic cuts we were looking at originally."

And that is just fine with the parents who live along Mt. Pleasant Road.

"We're willing to, if we have to establish one bus stop in the whole community that would be great," said Dianne Biggs.

"But if it goes back to my daughter being picked up at the end of the driveway that's even better."

And now starting on Thursday morning that is exactly what is going to happen for kids who live in the county and rely on a bus ride to get to school.

"We're still looking at our district losing roughly $200,000 on what we should be getting, of what the state should have given us," said Superintendent Spain.

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