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Post Office officials meet with local community members


United States Post Office officials are traveling throughout Southeast Missouri to meet with community members about closing their Post Office location.

This evening the representatives stopped in Perkins. He said the decision is not final, this is this study phase of the discontinuance process. The next step is posting a proposal at the Post Office for 60 days. Then, Post Office officials will review the proposal and community input before coming up with a final decision to again be posted at the Post Office location. This time for 30 days, and if no one contests, the location will close within 60 days of the posting.

Many people at the Perkins meeting Wednesday evening say they feel as though the decision has already been made to close the location.

"It's already a done deal, I hate to see it go, it's been part of the community for a long time. I'm really not happy with personal information being put in a metal box and being left unattended," said Perkins Resident David Shoemaker.

Customers have a choice to either open a P.O. Box at a neighboring post office location, or join a Perkins rural route, meaning the mail would come right to their home. However, the representative did not know specific routes since the final decision has not been made, making it hard for people to know if they would be allowed to join the route.

People also say they are concerned for the elderly people in the community.

"There's a lot of elderly people that live in this town in their 80s and 90s and they cannot get out and go to other post offices to pick up other packages," said Perkins Resident Frankie Ratiliff.

They worry about medicine overheating in a metal mailbox on the side of the road, but worry about not being able to get to another P.O. Box location.

"In the Spring, the Fall, and the Winter we have a lot of water, we have a lot of snow and ice, there'd be days where people wouldn't be able to get their medicine if they had to drive seven or eight miles," said Shoemaker.

Community members say it would be a loss for the community of Perkins.

"It's a community, we would just lose our identity," said former Perkins Postmaster Kay Burlison.

Post Office representatives say while these meetings can be helpful to answer any questions, if you have a concern about closing a specific location, it's important to fill out a survey from the postal service to officially document the problem.

They also say with the proposal, the Post Office would not take away the Perkins town name, or zip code.

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