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Local quarry recovering from spring flooding


A local plant is now back to normal production after high water washed up a lot of fears.

Now it's all about making sure something so devastating doesn't happen again.

The quarry next to the plant is what took on so much water, three billion gallons of it in fact.

The question is, how to keep that much water, 3-billion gallons, out if and when there's a next time.

Several pieces of large heavy equipment were submerged in water back in May with floodwaters pouring in. The flooding in that area also shut down south Sprigg Street causing major sinkholes.

"That was the most water we've ever seen in the quarry," said Plant Manager Steve Lues. "It was just overwhelming. We had more than 500,000 gallons per minute pouring in to the quarry."

Now, the water level has dropped about 150 feet. Although, Leus says he'd like to see it drop another 100 feet.

Even with such chaos, Leus says they never had layoffs.

"We put everyone to work concentrating on the flood," said Leus.

Production has slowed at the cement plant. Leus says the main reason is the economy.

They have had enough limestone reserves to keep them going.

Now the focus is on the future. The biggest obstacle now is Cape La Croix Creek.

"This could happen again, Lues. "It just seems like the caverns below are getting washed out more and more every year."

Buzzi Unicem is working with the city on possible solutions. Some options are re-lining the creek or possibly relocating it.

They've applied for FEMA grants and even some through Missouri Economic Development hoping for assistance.

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