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Man says bath salts are "a monster"


When he opened the jar of bath salts, a substance authorities consider a synthetic drug, Kevin Jungers says little did he know the monster that would be unleashed.

Jungers is now in jail on possession charges. He says the salts put him on the path back to a cell.

"It's a monster," said Jungers. "There's no other way to describe it."

Jungers says he used meth and other drugs for three decades, but it only took three months for bath salts to destroy his life.

"Sixteen weeks," Jungers says shaking his head. "I did the other for thirty years!"

Now with cuffs on his wrists and ankles, Jungers says he considered himself a soldier that could handle anything.

"That stuff makes meth look like a punk," said Junger. "They say it's five times more potent, I'd say it's more like one hundred times."

In fact, Jungers says he was getting away from getting high, almost clean, until he says he got instantly hooked on the high produced by bath salts. He says it's one that brought euphoria, but also plenty of paranoia.

"It turned me into a paranoid person crazy as a bed bug," said Jungers.

He says no one can handle the effects. He says the public needs to know what bath salts can do.

"Those who have never used it will find it terrifying," said Jungers. "I can see how someone would want to blow their head off."

In the three months Jungers used the synthetic drug, Jungers says he saw two friends die.

"It's not worth it," said Jungers. "The ones that are making it have no idea what it can do."

Sheriff Rick Walter says his department is running into more and more users.

"It's serious stuff," said Walter. He says he's not only worried about the impact on users, but also on innocent people.

"It's bad enough you worry about drunk drivers and people on meth. They may think somebody is coming at them and it's me or you driving down the road with our families," said Walter.

As for Jungers he feels it's a blessing he's landed back in jail.

"It's heaven sent," said Jungers.

Jungers is due in court again in September. He doesn't know when he will get out of jail.

Sheriff Rick Walter has had Jungers speak to groups about his experience. Walter says Jungers has no incentive to share his story, such as a lesser sentence or fine.

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