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Scott City sees dress code on first day of school


Students flocked back to school with new pencil, new lunch boxes, and some a new wardrobe.

Scott City students started school Wednesday required to wear clothing appropriate for the new dress code passed earlier this year.

Scott City Principal Michael Johnson says he was impresses by the students' enthusiasm.

"Everybody had a vision of what the students were going to look like when they came to school, what they looked like today was far beyond what I imagined it was going to be, the kids have really taken hold of it, owned it, and they really look nice," said Johnson.

He says they wanted a dress code for a number of reasons, like to give the students more confidence, and put them on a level playing field.

One of the big concerns from parents earlier this year was how expensive the new outfits would be, but Johnson says they received a positive feedback.

"I think what we found out through the parents and we've had several parents call in just to the high school office and thank us for doing this because it is a lot cheaper for them they've found that the price for the polos, they can find them at various outlets for anywhere $5 to $7 dollars," said Johnson. "And I think they were very surprised how cheap it was and how much cost it saved them whenever they bought school supplies."

Tonia Hebrock says her daughter Samantha wore a hair clip of purple hair, to support breast cancer awareness, but school officials made her take it out, since hair is supposed to be a natural color.

Johnson says other school districts are also looking into a similar dress code, and want to see how Scott City students react.

Details of the dress code include:


  • Must have sleeves and a collar (polo/oxford shirts).  A turtleneck does count as a collar.
  • Needs to be "sized to fit"- not oversized, or too tight
  • Solid color
  • Logos larger than the size of a quarter must be school organization related.
  • If the shirt is a v-neck something needs to be worn under it, like a polo, oxford, or crew neck shirt.
  • No hoodies are allowed in the classroom.
  • Shirts are not required to be tucked in unless they are excessive length.
  • The stomach, back, and cleavage must be covered.
  • Tops and bottoms must overlap at all times, including when arms are raised, but no longer than wrists.


  • Khaki, black, blue, and denim on a trial basis only.
  • Shorts,capris, and pants
  • Pants also need to be "sized to fit" not too tight, baggy, too long, dragging the floor, etc.
  • No holes, shreds or tear
  • Must be a the waistline and undergarments not visible
  • No sweats, wind pants, or PJs
  • Athletic gear only for physical activity
  • No cargo pants
  • If belt loops are showing, must have a belt: plain belt, and plain buckle of only black, white, and brown.


  • Has to be natural color
  • No hats worn indoors


  • Slip on or lace up, so no house shoes or flip flops
  • Elementary school students must have sneakers or shoes with a hard sole.

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