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Carbondale Housing Authority grants Campus Habitat an extension


CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The clock is ticking a little slower for Campus Habitat to comply with Carbondale's health and safety code violations at several of the company's apartment complexes.

After a three hour hearing in front of Carbondale's Building Board of Appeals, the lawyer for Campus Habitat and the Executive Vice President of Operations Rob Martin convinced city leaders they would comply with the city's codes.

"The goal has always been to minimize the disruption to the students," said Martin.

"At the start of their semester there is nothing worse then showing up and having to move a few days later, and then move back again a month from now. It's always been our contention to let them stay in place and work around them."

For now that is what will happen at Campus Habitat's building on 600 West Freeman and 820 West Freeman, but with some stiff conditions and a display of progress to correct the code violations.

"What the board has decided in light of previous actions and violations is to grant to this company an extension," said Carlton Smith Chairman of Carbondale's Housing Appeal Board.

"At 600 West Freeman we're giving them until September 5 to get the 17-doors that need to be replaced in that building. And, to come into compliance on the other violations at that facility. On their other property at 820 West Freeman where there are 91-doors need replacing we're giving them the opportunity for those materials to arrive, and put an action plan together on how they are going to come into compliance on that building."

All of the residents in 820 West Freeman would have had to move out as of August 23, and they will now be allowed to stay in their apartments while the repairs are being done.

At 600 West Freeman the company will have to relocate the affected residents until the new doors can be hung on their units.

"We're talking about very little disruption for them, we're talking about replacing their doors it's not a big operation. We don't anticipate any issues, although all things can have a hiccup, but we don't think it will be a problem," said Martin.

The Housing Appeal Board was very stern about one thing in granting Campus Habitat their extension to come into compliance.

"We are demanding that they have an agent who lives in Carbondale or in Jackson County registered with the city by Monday, that the city can issue tickets and citations too," said Smith.

"The board will meet again on September 12 to see if Campus Habitat has come into compliance on 600 West Freeman, and if they have not then we intend to exercise vacating those properties."

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