Does it Work Wednesday: Critter Skimmer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - "I think this might really work."

Lynne Taylor has high hopes for the Critter Skimmer. After all, just a few years back it was named "Best New Invention of the Year", as far as pool products go.

Basically, it's a humane way to save frogs caught up in the skimmers of your pool.

"It's no fun cleaning those at all."

The idea is frogs hop their way to safety using the special ramp built into the Critter Skimmer.  This fits into your pool's skimmers.  It comes in varying sizes and shapes to fit your pool.

I leave the Critter Skimmer with Lynne for almost a month.  We return to some sub-par results.

"We found some frogs that didn't make it out and were dead. I did observe that."

Lynne also said she saw a few frogs swim to the skimmers and hang out, but they never climbed their way to safety.

"I think the frogs could be saved with your help, but I don't know if they'll go up the spiral ramp. I did save a few by lifting them out to safety."

Even so, Lynne's not so sure she'd buy one.

"It's tough to grade because I never saw them use it. my husband said it interfered with the skimmer and effectiveness."

"I guess I'd go middle of the road with a 'C' or 'C-.'  I want to be fair because I can't be out there all of the time, but we did find dead frogs in the skimmer."

We can't deny from the video caught on tape on the company's web site that the product can work.  Our test just didn't prove that.  So, at $45 each, Critter Skimmer walks...or hops...away with a fair 'C minus' on this Does it Work test.

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