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Leave your wallet at home, just bring your smart phone


You might be able to soon leave your wallet at home to go shopping, and just bring your smart phone.

"My phone is always on me, so just walk up and scan the phone and be done," said Lance Spector.

"You can essentially pay with it just as if you had the money or the card in person," said Starbucks employee Jessi Howell.

Howell says the Starbucks in Cape Girardeau has had the ability for customers to pay for their coffee with their smart phone since June.

"It eliminates the looking for wallets, or your card, or your purses, so when they walk up, they can just hand us the phone after they've ordered and we can just scan it," said Howell.

There, it's a Starbucks application, where you pre load money on an account. But banks, retailers, and cell phone companies are talking about, and testing out, something more.

"It's going to go straight from your phone to your bank the same way that your debit card, or your credit card does now," said Bartholomew Pittman, a Verizon employee.

"I think it's really awesome, I would definitely do it," said Shelby Reed. "I check my bank account on my phone all the time, I pay my bills on my phone, so it's definitely something I'd be interested in doing."

"I don't have it on my phone yet, but I would eventually put that app on my phone," said Spector. "Makes things a lot easier, don't have to carry cash on you."

"People like to carry around less stuff," said Pittman. "That's kind of the appeal of smart phones and iPhones and things like that just because you don't have to carry around your mp3 player and you don't have to have your laptop to surf the web. People want to be able to do everything with one thing. So this is one less thing they'll have to carry around, maybe they can lose their wallet all together."

But losing their wallet, is what makes people nervous. With that personal information on the phone, what happens if you lose the phone?

"Yeah that would make me really nervous because anybody could get on there and get any of my information, just losing it, so that would make me nervous...but I would still like to do it," said Reed.

"I'd be a little worried about that, but you can deactivate your phone pretty quick," said Spector.

Pittman says there will be some protections like entering a pin number for purchases more than $100. But Howell says this could help those small, everyday purchases, go more quickly.

"Morning rush especially, if they just come in and have their phone, or in drive through, it's just easy for them to hand it to us and we can scan it right there," said Howell.

The applications are still in a test phase.

One thing to look into before a full launch...what happens if your phone battery dies?

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