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Durbin speaks to business leaders about the economy

Sen. Dick Durbin Sen. Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin made a stop in Southern Illinois Thursday morning to talk about his perspective on what's happening in Washington.

Durbin had a lot to say about the nation's situation in dealing with the economy. He spoke to business and community leaders Thursday morning at John A. Logan College.

The senator says in order to get the nation back on sound financial footing, everything must be on the table for discussion. Durbin says tax hikes, entitlement reform, and spending cuts must all be considered.

The senator said a lot will depend on how Congress reacts in the coming weeks and months in the wake of the US credit rating downgrade.

"I read the Standard and Poor's report," said Durbin. "And, it's more about politics than economics. And what it says is: if we reach the point where we are going to have a hostage scenario, a "high-noon" scenario every four months in Washington, then we think this economy is in trouble."

Durbin says the leadership in the nation's capitol needs to come together and resolve the nation's issues.

"We've got to have people in Washington, Congress and the president, who can act like grown-ups and get things done," added Durbin. "Not wait until two minutes before midnight to come up with a solution."

But the Illinois democrat is not optimistic the so-called super committee will bring forward a plan congress can approve.

"The likelihood of anything coming out of the super committee is a long shot," said Durbin. "It takes one more than half, which is tough. The likelihood of that passing the House and Senate is also a long shot, but the alternatives are pretty grim. The cuts that would take place if we didn't do it really go deeply."

Durbin says lawmakers shouldn't "take a hatchet" to the federal budget. Instead, he suggests cutting carefully so as not to slash important programs that spur economic recovery.

Still he says sacrifices will be needed across the board to get America back on top.

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