Does it Work Wednesday: Eggies

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - Just what we need: yet another kitchen gadget.  Eggies claim you can boil an egg yolk into the little plastic contraption and not have to peel it.  Kim Johnson and I are not off to a good start.

"This is going to time-consuming. Our water is already boiling. We're not even caught up!" the Bloomfield resident said.

We have more than a dozen little parts to unscrew and individually wipe with cooking oil before we can even crack an egg into the contraption.

It's fine, until you come across an egg yolk that's bigger than the hole on the Eggies. I had two eggs "miss" the hole and spill all over Kim's kitchen table.

She and I are about to "crack" trying to clean up the mess and get the Eggies into the pot of boiling water. What's more? The set only comes with six Eggies.

"If you were doing two or three dozen for a picnic, we'd be at this all day."

So true. Now, let's see if it even works. The instructions say to fill with enough water to make sure these things are floating. Trouble is...they're so heavy it takes a lot of water. Common sense tells you what's going to happen. Almost instantly, our water boils over.

One Eggie comes loose leaving yolk and egg whites all over the pot. Time's a wastin' so we quickly refill, reload and re-cook.

Meantime, the commercial states: "The nonstick interior means the eggs slide out when you're done."

Um...nope. We have to use a utensil and kill more time.

"Almost an hour to cook six eggs!"

But, the commercial says:

"Just crack, cook and twist!'

That's more like...crack, spill and spoon out, as our test found!

"I'd rather peel an egg!"

Me, too. We followed the directions, greasing these up, cooking them well-over the recommended time, and we still get eggs that aren't done and one huge mess!

"If there's anything below an 'F', I'd go with that."

I can do that! The $10 Eggies are "egg-stra" bad, cracking an F minus on this Does it Work test!

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