Storms pound Gorham residents

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

GORHAM, IL (KFVS) - Strong storms rolled across Southern Illinois early Sunday morning, leaving some residents in Gorham with a mess to clean up.

"It blew the garage off of here and never put a scratch on my truck," said Jim Thurman of Gorham.

"It's took it before, but for some reason or not it just couldn't stand up to the storm last night."

The Thurman's garage was ripped off it's foundation and thrown more than a hundred feet across their backyard and out into a nearby cornfield.

"It was about like a small tornado, my house was just shaking. And it also knocked a big limb out of the tree by the driveway, and it ripped the power line off the big garage," said Thurman.

Just a few blocks away Thurman's neighbor Jim Eaton was busy picking up parts of his roof out of the street.

"It was bad, I was asleep out in my camper because my brother-in-law and his girlfriend had moved into the house," said Eaton.

"The wind lifted up the camper and woke me up, I tried to get out the door but I couldn't. The wind was blowing so strong I couldn't get out the door. Then I wake up this morning and the whole roof of the house is gone."

Most of the damage from the storms that rolled in shortly after midnight, was scattered across the south side of the town.

No injuries were reported.

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