Morehouse gets some help cleaning up

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - People in the Heartland have been cleaning up flood damage ever since the waters receded, and continue even now. Morehouse was one of those towns hit hard, but Thursday had some help cleaning up.

"We're here just to try to you know help out in any way we can," said John Yang.

Yang is a member of a United Methodist Youth Group. The group is staying at Camp Allen, and wanted to help in the community. They contacted Morehouse Mayor Pete Leija.

"These people worked out tremendously, they showed up, they're enthusiastic they got their work done well," said Leija.

"As time went by, the group, the team came together," said Yang.

Leija says the city has already done a lot of clean up in the town. They've cleared most of the damage and debris. But, there was one house demolished after flooding damage, that needed to be cleaned up.

"The house that was once there, is now in the dumpsters," said Leija.

Yang says the group enjoyed reaching out, and helping out.

"We started doing assembly line type of work you know really efficient, and you know parts of the house a lot of rubble, a lot of wood, so we had to be careful with that," said Yang.

A carefulness that Leija says he appreciates.

"Our equipment has rubber tires, so to get on it, it would probably do a number on the tires and you know have a lot of flats," said Leija.

They also took siding off one condemned house, to give to another house, needing repairs after the floods.

"It's a way to help people out too that didn't get enough money through FEMA," said Leija.

And its money the city, won't have to spend either. "It keeps the city from having to hire, or looking for other means to get the work done," said Leija.

"I think everybody's really satisfied with all the work that they put in," said Yang.

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