Ballard Co. highway worker treated for heat exhaustion

A Ballard County highway worker went to the hospital for a heat-related illness late Wednesday, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The man was working along US 60 between the 6 and 9 mile marker on Wednesday weed-eating and brush cutting.

At lunch he said he felt ill, signed out for the day, and was taken home by a supervisor.  Later that day his symptoms became worse and went to the Lourdes Hospital Emergency Room.

The worker was treated for dehydration and asked to take a couple of days off to fully recover.

A number of contractors working on highway projects across western Kentucky have also reported employees with varying levels of heat exhaustion and/or dehydration over the last week, according to KYTC.

KYTC safety personnel have been monitoring workers and reminded them to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks.

Employees are encouraged to buddy-up and keep an eye on each other for early signs of heat exhaustion.

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