Do those "tips to keep cool" really work?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We used an infrared thermometer to test a couple different things many people say they do in the summer to keep cool.

First, we took two identical cars. Put a sun shield in the windshield of one, and left the other one without. Let them sit for 30 minutes. Then tested the temperatures inside the cars.

The driver's seat in the car with the sun shield said 124 degrees, while the steering wheel read 138 degrees.

The driver's seat in other car, without the sun shield, showed 129 degrees, while the steering wheel showed 137 degrees.

Next, we tried rolling the windows down a little, and let the cars sit again for another 30 minutes. The driver's seat with the windows up, was 127 degrees, the steering wheel 128 degrees.

Both the driver's seat and the steering wheel with the window's cracked were 128 degrees.

And a pool? Think you want to take a dip to keep cool. The water Wednesday afternoon was 94.3 degrees, the pool deck 117.4, and the nearby grass, 93.7.

Some people like to sit in the shade to enjoy relief from the heat. Testing the temperature in the grass in the direct sunlight was 98.5 degrees, while the shaded area was 92. 8 degrees.

Finally, we tested the upstairs and the ground level of an apartment. Even though the tenant said the upstairs felt much hotter, it was only three degrees hotter. Ground level was 78.8 degrees, and the upstairs 81.3 degrees.

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