YourTurn - 8/5/11

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Eugene Stamme from Metropolis, Illinois:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on petrochemicals derived from oil) why is this such a wonderful thing when the end result is so much pollution…why hasn't the use of agriculture products been given more praise…I am speaking of soybeans, corn, canola, flax and peanuts. These products can be used in virtually the same way as petroleum…there are hundreds of products that can be produced from agricultural products. The beauty is they do not pollute. They are bio-degradable…just think how wonderful it would be if we didn't have to send our precious children over to the Middle East to fight for oil…too many are dead or horribly wounded. It is such a waste."
Patsy Colson from Jonesboro, Illinois:
"(People) at the White House keep bringing up Social Security checks. It is not our fault that (the government) spends too much money and then they want to keep ours…this money is ours. We worked to put it there and it is not yours to even talk about…we need some mature people (in Congress).

Mary Jennings from Poplar Bluff, Missouri:
"This is to President Obama. Why have you not raised Social Security checks to the low income people? You could care less…you need to raise the Social Security checks and stop baling out banks and loaning money (to others).

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