Jaque Waller's friends and family honor with candlelight vigil

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's been exactly two months since anyone has seen Jaque Waller. Monday evening family and friends gathered to honor Jaque, saying they don't want anyone to forget.

People at the vigil say they were there to show support for Jaque's family and close friends. They say they want them to know, they aren't going through this alone.

Community members bought Justice for Jaque T-shirts, key chains, and bracelets, while picking up a candle for the vigil. They supported the family, and each other while people close to Jaque like her father, spoke about how proud Jaque would be of the community support.

A few of Jaque's family, friends and supporters each said why it was important to hold the candlelight vigil on the two month mark since they've seen Jaque.

"We just feel like it's a good time to come together and continue to pray for strength," said Tina Hitt. "Because after 2 months, 60 days, it's a long time."

"I want to keep it fresh in everyone's minds, I don't want her forgotten," said Tracy Anderson. "You know I don't want this to sadly slip away."

"It's the last thing this family has to hold on to, her words, two months ago, about this time," said Wendy Barnhart.

"I wished I could go back two months and one day, we loved out little girl, she was a good girl, and this should not of happened to her," said Jaque's father, Stan Rawson. "Overwhelming, I guess is the word, to think that many people would come out, just to, I don't know, what's the word, have a vigil for Jaque, just to know that she's still loved, and wanted, that's amazing to us."

Two of Jaque's triplets were at Monday's vigil, and Rawson said the two girls were shocked to see all the people looking for their mom.

Family and friends also told me they appreciate the support in searching for Jaque despite the recent extreme heat. They all agree it's not optimum conditions, but they say police and the community are still constantly searching.

Anderson said the group in Cape wasn't the only group of people praying for Jaque. She says they contacted friends throughout the country and around the world via Facebook, who were all to participate in the vigil Monday evening.

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