Teen brothers called to witness stand in Patterson triple murder trial

Ryan Terrell Patterson (Source: Cape Girardeau P.D.)
Ryan Terrell Patterson (Source: Cape Girardeau P.D.)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Opening arguments are over and several witnesses have been called to the stand in the trial of a Cape Girardeau man charged in a triple murder.

Ryan Patterson is accused in the October 2009 shooting deaths of Jamie Orman, her son Derrick, and her unborn son.

Jurors were selected in Pemiscot County and brought to Jackson to hear Patterson's case.  The jury is made up of 11 women and three men.

The two other people charged in the case, Michelle Lawrence and Samuel "Ray-Ray" Hughes, both pleaded guilty and are scheduled to testify in Patterson's trial.

Prosecutors told the jury in opening arguments Monday that they will hear a story of a marriage gone bad and a conspiracy between Lawrence and Patterson to kill her estranged husband for money.

Attorneys for Patterson say the jury will hear a much different version, simply a burglary gone bad.

Monday morning, jurors heard from two patrolmen with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

One described finding Derrick Orman still alive shortly after his 14-year-old brother called 911.

The patrolman who first responded to the scene testified for the prosecution. He told jurors he arrived about 5:11 that morning where a strong smell of gun powder still lingered.

Patrolman Rob Ross described seeing fire personnel responding to Derrick.  He says they got search warrant, photographed crime scene including Derrick in living room and blood on the walls.  He described seeing Derrick on living room floor upstairs then going downstairs where he found blood in the foldout bed where he was allegedly shot.

Prosecution showed pictures of the crime scene to jurors, and Ross described the evidence, victims, and scene as they found it according to the pictures.

A forensic pathologist was also called to the stand regarding autopsy results.

Bruce Orman, Derrick's father, and Jacob and Travis Orman, Derrick's brothers, were also called to the witness stand.

Jacob Orman testified he heard two gunshots and his mother scream no before she was shot.  He remembered seeing Derrick and trying to ask him what happened, then went in his mom's room and remembered she didn't respond.  Jacob said he called 911.

Travis, 11, testified he heard two or three loud bangs, ran downstairs and saw Derrick covered in blood.

Prosecutors called Tammy Davis to the stand.  Prosecutors say she was allegedly first approached by Patterson to be the lookout person, but she refused.

As many as two dozen witnesses are expected to be called.

Patterson faces the death penalty if convicted.

Jamie Orman's mother and sisters are at the trial.  Jamie's family wore her favorite perfume as a show of their support.

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