RLC students arrested on drug warrants

INA, IL (KFVS) - In the village of Ina on Thursday afternoon and evening, a police warrant round-up lands three Rend Lake Community College students behind bars.

According to the Ina Police Chief Robert Marsh, five Rend Lake College students were arrested on drug paraphernalia charges.

One student was arrested on a failure to appear in court charge.

Names of the students are not being released at this time but they range from 19 to 27 years old and four of the five students arrested are male.

Chief Marsh tells Heartland News the students could face additional charges.

The Franklin and Jefferson County Sheriff's Departments helped Ina Police with additional support in the arrests.

Officers arrested one of the students in the Franklin County town of Thompsonville.

The Ina Police Chief says there were originally six warrants for the arrests of students living in the village, but one student already moved out of the area.

Chief Marsh tells Heartland News that the Rend Lake College Dean of Student Affairs is aware of Thursday's arrests.

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