Blodgett wants to fight for post office

Heartland communities learned earlier this week if their post office is on the chopping block. People in Blodgett say if they lose their post office, it would be more than an inconvenience.

"If we were to lose our post office, it would be devastating," said Rob Russell.

"It's very sad to see our post office to go," said Paul Hill, a resident of Blodgett for more than 20 years.

"It's about the only place we've got left that's open," said Blodgett Mayor Richard Riley.

Person after person stopped by the Blodgett Post Office to say how upset the community members would be if the town lost the place.

"Blodgett just don't have hardly any business whatsoever, and the post office is where a lot of people come and gather and meet and talk, you know it's just like a social place," said Hill.

"We have a lot of customers here, even out in the county, comes up here so they can have their mail private," said Riley.

"It would be hard for them to go elsewhere to get their mail," said Hill.

"These side streets that don't have boxes out front, and being that they'd have to travel to Sikeston to get their mail, will not be good especially during weather," said Russell.

"It's going to put a lot of strain on the rural carriers," said Blodgett resident Frank Jett.

They say despite modern electronic communication like email and Facebook, they still want, and use the post office. They say, maybe more than people in larger cities.

"Some people don't have Internet, some people don't pay their bills, they have to get their bills, pay their water bills and you know their local bills and they come in here and get their bills and buy their stamps," said Hill.

"Well I don't use all that stuff myself, and if you've got anything real personal I don't think you want it on the computer," said Riley.

"Some people are just stuck and they don't like computers," said Jett.

Mayor Richard Riley says the community members want to fight it. He says they are planning to meet with post office officials to see if they can do anything to keep the mail coming to Blodgett.

"I don't know why they would do this, and we're going to fight it," said Riley.

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