Heartland's Best Farmer - Horace Haley

MARSTON, MO (KFVS) - Horace Haley started driving a tractor at the age of six, by 12 he was already a full time tractor driver.

Farming is in his blood and his land isn't just a farm, it's his kingdom.  That's why he gets the nickname "Rice King".  If it's daylight, you'll find Horace outside, checking on one of his 28 rice fields.

"I check them everyday, one at a time," said Horace.  "We run probably 15 to 18 hour days, its pretty long days."

But Horace says he doesn't mind the long days.

"I enjoy growing rice, I just love raising it and always have," said Horace.

He started as a soybean farmer, but in 1979 Horace found rice. Always close by, you'll find Horace's other love.

"I grew up to love a farmer," said Anita.

Wife and true love Anita Haley says Horace taught her everything she knows about farming.  And son Cecil Haley, is also following in the family's farming tracks

"I started farming with my dad and now I have 456 acres of my own," said Cecil.

In 1997, Haley farms was born and Anita says that's entirely because of her husbands hard work.

"He's such a hard worker, he's the hardest working man I know and I'm not just saying it because he's here," said Anita.

"I'm 25 and he's 60 and he can outwork me," said Cecil.

From the organization in his record book, to the floors of his tractors, the entire Haley operation is neat and clean.

"He's the Rice King, he does it all," said Anita.

The heart and emotion invested in the 2500 acre farm pour out of this family, and Horace says there's no end in site.

"I don't want to retire, when you're doing something you love to do you don't want to quit it," said Horace.

Congratulations Horace Haley, you are one of the Heartland's Best Farmers!

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